Red Nose Day 2017


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Yesterday, some of you may have seen quite a few youtubers went off online as part of Redout. In this post i wanted to share what that was about as well as the great things Red Nose Day do which is coming up in the next few weeks.

At the moment,  millions of young people in the UK and across Africa are being denied access to healthcare, education, employment or a safe place to sleep. Some will be trafficked, abused, exploited and forgotten. And this is why some of YouTube’s biggest names including Zoella, AnnaEdit and SacconeJoly are going offline for a 24hr #RedOut – to raise awareness of the injustices that vulnerable young people face.

The m oney raised at Red Nose Day helps:
  • Since 2000 child malaria death rates in Africa have dropped by 71%. But malaria still kills over 250,000 children under five each year in Africa.
  • In 2003 Red Nose helped set up National Domestic Violence Help Line. As this is a serious issue to tackle and 100's of women phone the police every hour relating domestic violence.
  • And soo much more...
There are some amazing stories on on how this charity and day as helped.

Youtubers has a vlog on her experience in Africa with Red Nose Day.

This year Red Nose Day is Friday 24th March - and it would be amazing to raise as much money as possible. 
Whether that's though cake sales or just donating.

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