You Can Only Wear Makeup If You Pass This Buzzfeed Quiz


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Today I wanted to share with you the 'You Can Only Wear Makeup If You Pass This Quiz' Buzzfeed Quiz. This the link if you want to do it too

  1. 1. What is stippling?
    1. Applying foundation by dotting it on your face in a light tapping motion
    2. Using a light spritz of water to set your makeup
    3. Removing excess makeup with blotting paper before applying powder
    4. Dusting your face with bronzer
    Stippling allows you to achieve an airbrushed look by gently placing foundation onto your face, typically in a light tapping motion. You can also use the stippling technique for powder or blush.
  2. 2. Which of these brushes is typically used for stippling?
    1. Via
    1. Via
    Stippling brushes typically have feathery fibres that are a lighter colour than the other, tougher fibres near the base of the brush.
  3. 3. Which of these beauty blenders is made especially for skincare application?
    1. Beautyblender Pro
    2. Beautyblender Original
    1. Beautyblender
    2. Beautyblender Pure
    Beautyblender Pure was made especially for sensitive skin and skincare application.
  4. 4. How long does it take for a mascara to go out of date?

    1. 1 month
    2. 3 months
    3. 6 months
  5. 5. Which is the correct order for applying these face products?

    1. primer + foundation + concealer + powder
    2. primer + powder + foundation + concealer
    3. primer + foundation + powder + concealer
  6. 6. Which of these mascara wands is for maximum lash volume?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    1. 3
    2. 4
    Oversize mascara wands are typically used for maximum volume.
  7. 7. On a basic eyeshadow palette, which colour tends to work best for the outer corner of your eye?

    1. The lightest colour
    2. The second lightest colour
    3. The second darkest colour
    4. The darkest colour
  8. 8. Which brand makes this popular primer? / BuzzFeed
    1. MAC
    2. Smashbox
    3. Urban Decay
    4. L’Oréal
    Smashbox is the brand behind the “Photo Finish” primer.
  9. 9. What is this eye makeup look called?

    1. Smoky eye
    2. Cut crease
    3. Gradient eye shadow
  10. 10. What is tightlining?
    1. Applying a line of highlighter on your cheekbones for the perfect glow
    2. Applying lip liner in an “x” on your top lip to highlight your Cupid’s bow
    3. Applying eyeliner to the innermost part of your eyelid
  11. 11. Which lipstick would you be LEAST LIKELY to wear for a "vamp" look?
  12. 12. Who was the beauty YouTuber behind this viral video highlighting the "power of makeup"?

    1. Kandee Johnson
    2. NikkieTutorials
    3. Michelle Phan
    4. Tanya Burr
  13. 13. Which of these celebrities has NOT collaborated with MAC?
    1. Via Valerie Macon / Getty Images
      Ariana Grande
    2. Via Chris Jackson / Getty Images
    1. Via Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
      Nicki Minaj
    2. Via Pool / Getty Images
      Gwen Stefani
    Gwen Stefani teamed up with Urban Decay, not MAC.
  14. 14. Which of these products would expire FIRST in your makeup bag?
    1. Lipstick
    2. Liquid foundation
    1. Powder foundation
    2. Via Getty Images
      Lip gloss
    Liquid foundation typically has a shelf life of 6 months to a year, whereas lip gloss can last for up to a year and a half, and lipstick and powder foundation can last for up to two years.

You Can Only Wear Makeup If You Pass This Quiz

You got 12 out of 14 right!
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