My Dream Closet/Wardrobe

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Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to write a slightly different post than usual, as I love clothes, wardrobe space can be a slight issue so today I wanted to share some of my favourite ideas from Pinterest which I would love my closet to be like. And I hope you like it. x

At the moment I do have to admit that my wardrobe is a bit like this .. 

I tend to leave my clothes on a chair or on the back of my door. But I would love my room to be more like these photos..... 

I love the classic white look this and this looks soo organised and I would love the amount the bags and shoes in this photo.
The second image is so cute and it's smaller and more compact but that chair is sooo cute.

To be honest I would probably fit a whole wardrobe with jumpers, as I live in the Uk , the weather is quite cold so I need quite a lot of jumpers. One thing I would love about a dream closet is that I can organise my clothes better - into colours, seasons, occasions and type of clothing (Jumpers, dresses, tops etc..)

For any of my US readers, if you are looking to redo your room you can use MakeSpace at which  can pick up your stuff, take it storage facilities and bring it back whenever you want. And they are located in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago and LA.*

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your dream closet and follow.

Sarah X


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