How Much Do You Actually Know About Makeup?

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Today I wanted to complete the  How Much Do You Actually Know About Makeup? Buzzfeed Quiz and I hope you like it. If you want to complete this quiz thesis the link:

  1. What is this process called?

    1. Blending
    2. Contouring
    3. Shading
  2. What has banana powder become popularly used for?

    1. Setting makeup
    2. Highlighting
    3. Face powder
  3. What type of makeup brush is this?

    1. Eyeliner
    2. Lipliner
    3. Concealer
  4. What type of eyeliner would give you the strongest pigment?
    1. Pencil
    2. Gel
    1. Kohl
    2. Liquid
  5. Which of these would you NOT use to apply liquid foundation?
    1. Via Thinkstock
    This chunky handled, high-density brush is best used for applying powdered products such as bronzer.
  6. What is the name commonly given to this kind of brush?

    1. Kimono
    2. Kibono
    3. Kazuki
    4. Kabuki
  7. Which of these products is the biggest multi-tasker?
    1. Primer
    2. BB/CC Cream
    3. Tinted moisturiser
    These all-in-one beauty balms cover all of your SPF, primer, serum, and moisturizing needs, not to mention they offer coverage/colour correcting too!
  8. What brand makes these highly sought-after eyeshadow palettes?

    1. MAC
    2. Urban Decay
    3. L’Oréal
    4. Benefit
  9. Where is best to test foundation in order to get the right shade?

    1. Your cheeks
    2. Your hand
    3. Your forehead
    4. Your jawline
    Your jawline has the most uniform colour.
  10. What does MLBB stand for?
    1. My Lips But Better
    2. My Lips Best Bet
    3. My Lashes But Better
    4. My Lashes Best Bet
    My Lips But Better refers to lip products that enhance the natural colour of your lips (so shades that are similar to your natural lip colour rather than nudes).
  11. Who is this popular beauty YouTuber?

    1. Nicole Guerriero
    2. Jaclyn Hill
    3. Zoella
  12. Which diagram shows the recommended application of bronzer?
    1. Via Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    To accentuate cheekbones and mark where the sun naturally hits your face, applying bronzer in a “3” is recommended.
  13. Which celebrity inspired this popular makeup tutorial?

    1. Ariana Grande
    2. Kylie Jenner
    3. Demi Lovato
    1. Ariana Grande
    2. Kylie Jenner
    3. Demi Lovato
  14. What type of makeup finish is this?

    1. Dewy
    2. Matte
    3. Satin
  15. If you wanted to highlight your "Cupid's bow" where would you apply the product?
    1. Via Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
  16. What is this makeup look called?

    1. Gothic
    2. Vampy
    3. Hollywood Noir
  17. Which of these lipsticks is MAC's best-selling colour "Ruby Woo"?

How Much Do You Actually Know About Makeup?

You got 14 out of 18 right!

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