'What Kind Of Christmas Person Are You?' Buzzfeed Quiz

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Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to complete the 'What Kind Of Christmas Person Are You?' Buzzfeed Quiz. As after tomorrow which is the 30th of November I will be going BLOGMAS!!! Which I'm so excited for so to get me in the mood I wanted to show a Christmas quiz. 
    1. When it’s over.
    2. Opening presents.
    3. Decorating the tree!
    5. Other
    1. Late November
    2. 1st of December
    3. 25th December
    4. Never
    5. All year round!
    1. Via Columbia
      “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
    2. Via MGM
      “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

    1. Via Public Domain
      “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
    2. Via JIVE
      “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”
    1. No.
    2. Yes.
    3. No, but I’m attending one!
    1. Sometimes.
    2. I would never.
    1. Via etsy.com
    2. Via Disney Store

What Kind Of Christmas Person Are You?

You got: 100% SANTA CLAUS

You will not be associated with anything that is not Christmas. Stockings all set up, gifts thought of way AHEAD of time — you basically turn into Santa Claus in the entirety of December, if not the entire year.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment if you excited for Blogmas and please follow.

Sarah X

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  1. This is such a nice quiz. I'm very excited for Christmas and Blogmas. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Thank you for commenting Antonia and I so excited for Christmas and Blogmas too.
      Sarah X