My 3 A/W Makeup Tips

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Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to share my 3 A/W makeup tips which I hope may help any readers.

1. Heavily moisturize your face before putting on makeup- the cold and wind in summer can make your skin rather dry so this prevents you having dry skin.

2. Don't imply drying lip products - drying lip products already make your lips feel dry - cold and wind on top of that makes your lips even drier. Which is not nice or easy to apply lipstick on when you have dry skin - they can also become quite sore.

3. Waterproof mascara may help - as you may sneeze a lot and this prevents you looking like a panda. As well as if you are like me my eyes randomly cry and this can prevent panda eyes.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your A/W Makeup tip and please follow.

Sarah X

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  1. Great tips, my eyes are super watery so waterproof mascara is definitely a must for me

    1. Thank you for commenting Lou and I'm glad you like these tips.
      Sarah X


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