Are You More Like Zoe Or Joe Sugg? Buzzfeed Quiz


Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to do the 'Are You More Like Zoe Or Joe Sugg?' Buzzfeed Quiz. As this week was/is a big week for the Suggs as Zoe's 3rd book came out (which arrived yesterday- so excited), Joe & Caspars primere and there film come out in the next few days. 

So i wanted to complete this quiz, heres the link: if you want to do it too.
    1. City
    2. Suburb
    1. Via
      Black and White
    2. Via
    1. In Bed
    2. At The Beach
    3. At A Club
    4. At The Mall
    1. Via Pinterest
    2. Via Google
    1. Via google
      Baseball Cap
    2. Via google
    1. Via google
      Cartoon Shows
    2. Via google
      Reality Shows
    1. Cookies
    2. Doughnuts
    1. Via Twitter
    2. Via Instagram
    1. Via Mike Windle / Getty
      Miranda Sings
    2. Via Jonathan Leibson / Getty
      Tyler Oakley
    1. Via Dave J Hogan / Getty
      Caspar Lee
    2. Via Anthony Harvey / Getty
      Tanya Burr

Are You More Like Zoe Or Joe Sugg?

  1. You got: You’re More Like Zoe Sugg!

    Just like Zoe, you love your pets, cooking, and everything about the holiday season. Your close friends and family mean a lot to you and you prefer to spend your Friday nights cuddled up in bed.

    Hope you like this post.
Please comment if you did the quiz and follow.

Sarah X

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