Which Little Mix Lady Are You Most Like?

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Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to do another buzzfeed quiz but this one is Which Little Mix Lady Are You Most Like? As I have been loving Little Mix music so much at the moment and there new single 'Shout Out To My Ex' - honestly I have listened to the song on repeat for the last week. Here is the link https://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseatot/which-member-of-little-mix-are-you-1olmv?utm_term=.ykK7keeWpp#.rdPNVvvOpp and please comment which Little Mix lady you are.
    1. ThinkStock
    2. Flickr Creative Commons / Benny W. / Via Flickr: 22545218@N06
    1. ThinkStock
      Platform Boots
    2. ThinkStock
      Jelly Sandals
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    2. ThinkStock
    1. ThinkStock
    2. ThinkStock
    1. “Black Magic”
    2. “Salute”
    3. “Wings”
    4. “Move”
    1. Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
      Zac Efron
    2. Jason Merritt / Getty Images
      Harry Styles
    1. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
      Matthew Gray Gubler
    2. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
      Chris Pine
    1. Flickr Creative Commons / Mig Rodz / Via Flickr: migrodz
      A Tropical Cruise
    2. Flickr Creative Commons / Alex Berger / Via Flickr: virtualwayfarer
      An African Safari
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      A Parisian Getaway
    2. Flickr Creative Commons / DiscoverDuPage / Via Flickr: discoverdupage
      A Luxurious Stay-cation
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    2. ThinkStock
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    2. Flickr Creative Commons / Emily Carlin / Via Flickr: cuttingboard
    1. Flickr Creative Commons / Marc Garrido Clotet / Via Flickr: lotrex
    2. Flickr Creative Commons / Harry (Howard) Potts / Via Flickr: harrypotts
    1. Flickr Creative Commons / Cath In Dorset / Via Flickr: cathwalker-hillygroundphotography
    2. Flickr Creative Commons / Ian Sane / Via Flickr: 31246066@N04

Which Little Mix Lady Are You Most Like?

You got: Jesy Nelson

You’re confident, cool, and a little eccentric. You mean business, and don’t let anyone walk all over you or your friends.
Hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite Little Mix song/ which Little Mix member you are and please follow.

Sarah X

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