5 Of My Guilty Pleasures

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Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to share 5 of my guilt pleasures- I do these when I'm having a down day or when I'm ill etc.

1. Watching Cinderella (2015) - I love this film if I want to watch something and I don't know what I watch this. I've probably watched this film around 20 times.

2. Baking - I love cooking and baking- i love the smell of freshly baked cookies and trying new recipes

3. Listening to Adele - I love Adele's music so much and I love listening to it in bed all nice and cosy  

4. Reality shows - I do love a reality Tv whether is Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore or shows like Hollyoaks or Our Girl

5. Makeup shopping - I love looking through makeup stores like Debenhams , Superdrug or Boots online and seeing new things like that I would love to try like t he Benefit Christmas sets or the New Naked Basic Palette. 

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your guilty pleasures and please follow we are 17 followers of 400!!!

Sarah X

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