What My Blog Is About

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Hi chappes,

I thought i should explain what this blog is about as since I wrote this previously I have many more followers X

I've been reading blogs for years, but never had the confidence to start one. So in February 2016 i had the confidence to write one. And i would love to see what will happen to it, if it goes anywhere.

I write mainly beauty and fashion and sometimes travel, food and recommendations.

My blog is PR Friendly and I am happy to work with Brands and Companies should the subject match with the content of my Blog. 
If You are interested in working with me, please contact:
Social Media
Twitter: @SarahCxBlog
Pintrest: @Chappes1999
Bloglovin: @sarahchappellx
Google +: +Sarah Chappell 

Please comment when you want and subscribe to the blog

Sarah x

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