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Hi chappes,

As Buzzfeed Quizzes are quite popular I wanted to do another one which is How Beauty Obsessed Are Your Actually? . As I'm a beauty blogger i thought this would be perfect X

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Once you have answered the first question, the next one will appear. Ready?

Do you follow a skincare routine?

  • When I can be bothered
  • Yes, religiously
  • Yes, but I switch it up every three months
  • Who has time for that?
  • What would you say is reasonable to pay for face cream?

  • Anything less than £5
  • Anything up to £10
  • Anything up to £20
  • Probably anything up to £50, it is your face after all
  • I buy Crème de la Mer, so...
  • How many items of makeup are in your bag right now?

  • Literally none
  • Less than 3
  • More than 3
  • I have my entire collection in here tbh
  • Would you be caught dead without makeup?

  • I don't even wear make up
  • Yes, because my skin is pretty damn flawless anyway
  • Yes, sometimes I can't be bothered
  • There is literally no fucking way
  • Have you ever had a facial?

  • Yes
  • No
  • My facialist is called Leena, she's very good if you want her details...
  • Does "La Prairie" mean anything to you?

  • Isn't that a TV show?
  • Isn't that some expensive face shit made from children's tears?
  • Yes, and one day I WILL possess their range
  • I've got their eye cream, and yes, it is made from children's tears
  • How do you remedy dry, flaky lips?

  • And old toothbrush and some lip balm works wonders!
  • I just pick it off with my teeth
  • Lip scrub, duh!
  • Do you keep beauty supplies at your desk?

  • Of course, you never know when you might need something!
  • No, I come to work ready and that's it
  • Does deodorant count?
  • No but I steal other people's
  • Do you use primer?

  • What? Isn't that for paint?
  • Damn right I do
  • No, it's just another thing I don't want clogging up my face
  • I don't need it because I don't wear makeup
  • What do you think of the Korean 10 step + cleansing routine?

  • I can barely cleanse my face once a day so lol
  • It's admirable, no wonder their skin is so damn flawless
  • I follow it...
  • What the fuck is that?
  • Are you subscribed to a beauty box?

  • A what?
  • I don't see the point, I know what I like
  • I've tried it once but I cancelled it
  • Yes, I like to keep up with the latest brands and products
  • You're going on holiday, what do you buy at Duty Free?

  • Nothing
  • My favourite perfume
  • I stock up on all my beauty essentials plus anything travel-sized
  • How many moisturisers do you use?

  • I just use whatever I have, wherever I need it
  • I've got a face cream and a body lotion
  • I've got eye cream cream, day cream, night cream, elbow cream, vag cream...
  • How many makeup brushes do you own?

  • none
  • a couple
  • 5 or 6 to cover the basics
  • Around 10?
  • 20+
  • Would you ever put hemorrhoid cream on your eyes?

  • What? No!
  • You don't get hemorrhoids on your eyes...
  • I'd try anything if it works
  • I already do, it's the best beauty secret out there
  • How does Sephora make you feel?

  • What is Sephora?
  • I've been trying to cut down, so fuck you for reminding me of its existence
  • Sad, because there isn't one where I live :(
  • Do you watch makeup tutorials or follow any beauty blogs?

  • God no
  • I've seen/read a couple
  • Yes I subscribe to several!
  • I run my own beauty blog YouTube channel, you can check me out here...
  • Do you know what contouring is?

  • No
  • Yes, but I don't do it
  • Yes, and I wish I could do it— it looks incredible!
  • My contouring game is on fleek
  • How Obsessed With Beauty Are You?You Got: You're totally beauty obsessed!You probably used hemorrhoid cream to de-puff your eyes this morning, and your beauty kit is probably worth more than your entire wardrobe. You love discovering new trends and products, and you're not afraid to splash the cash in order to try them! Shopping for makeup and skincare is literally your favourite thing to do in the world, and you know about every latest product and development in the industry. Your friends always come to you for advice because you know your shit, and you always look flawless.

    Hope you like this post.
    Please comment what you are and please follow.
    Sarah X

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    1. This was so cute and funny! I want to try!

      S .x

      1. Thank you for commenting Samantha P X I have linked the quiz at the beginning if you want to do it .
        Sarah X


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