Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Musical Review

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Hi chappes,

The other day I went to go and watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. So I wanted to share what I thought of the show.

I love musicals - always have always will and this is one I haven't been to. I watch Carrie Hope Fletcher on Youtube and she has posted videos featuring her and other cast members. And it looks amazing so we booked tickets and went.

The musical was amazing - the acting, songs and the atmosphere. The costumes, make up and sets were so good. 
I would love to have taken some pictures of the performance to show you but you aren't allowed which is annoying. But this is a photo of the cast that I found on the internet.

I would highly recommend this musical to any musical lover . Carrie was so good so was Lee Mead, Scott Paige and Mollie who you may know if you watch Carries channel. It would have been lovely to meet them but Carrie wasn't going to be at stage door as she had hurt her back but we also had a quite along journey to get home.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Please comment your favourite musical and follow.

Sarah X

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