Calling All Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Bloggers

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Hi chappes,

I saw Lily Deal write a post similarly to this which is here and i wanted to write one. 

Last night on Twitter I was part of the Sassy Blogger chat and I really enjoy it. To talk to other bloggers and have more blogger followers.

So I would love to make internet friend like most bloggers probably would. As that was one reason why I started my blog and it would be amazing if i did make proper friends though blogging X To be able to communicate through Twitter -minds @SarahCxBlog by the way ;). About beauty products, clothing items, blog posts or just general chit chat. As well as following each other on Bloglovin.

If you would like to be internet blogging friends please email me on: or message me on Twitter.

Please comment you blog link and follow.

Sarah X

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  1. So glad you feel the same way!! X

    1. Thank you for commenting Lily and thank you for inspiring to write this post X
      Sarah X


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