What's In My Flight Bag 2016

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Hi chappes,

I wanted to share what i will put in my flight bag. I have just realised that this is quite/very similar to my travel essential but there are some slightly different items

My travel bag was actually my school bag.But its a Linea City Tote bag http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Linea+City+tote+handbag/235302609,default,pd.html this is not the same bag not something very very similar.

In my bag i have:
 My iPhone
Earphones- great for listening to music or Tv screens on long flights
Suncream - no one wants to be burnt
Zoella Spray- so i don't smell after the flight
Purse - duty free
Book/Magazine- amazing for short flights
Power bank- incase my battery runs out.
Zoella hand cream - i get really dry hands on planes probably due to air con
Makeup bag- for small touch ups

All my liquids are under 100ml as you aren't allowed any liquids over that amount.

Please comment where you are going on holiday and please follow.

Sarah X

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