My Travel Essentials 2016

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Hi chappes,

As i seem to be writing a travel series i wanted to share my travel essntials.


My travel essentials 2016:

Magazines/books- to read on the flight or by the pool

iPhone - to contact people and keep up with social media

Earphones- for the flight and to listen to music

Suncream- you always needs to protected from the sun

Zoella Tutti Frutti Spray- my favourite summer fragrance

Purse- to spend money at duty free or other shops to wherever i go

Powerpack- incase my battery runs out at the most annoying time

Zoella hand cream- nothing worst than dry hands and thus smells good as well

Camera- i love taking photos and this is my camera that i use for my blog as well. Its the samsung nx3000

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your essentials and follow

Sarah X

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