Which Pretty Little Liars Are You? Buzzfeed Quiz


  1. Hi chappes,

    As Pretty Little Liars is started Season 7 on the 21t June, i wwanted to complete the quiz on Which Pretty Little Liars Are You?. If you have tried the quiz as well please comment with liar are you in the comments X

    1. Leopard 
    2. Plaid 
    3. Glitter 
    1. Chevron
    2. Black
    3. Argyle 
    1. Stripes 
    2. Polka dots 
    3. Floral 
    1. Wedges
    2. Flip flops
    3. Toms
    1. Heels
    2. Combat boots
    3. Loafers 
    1. Sneakers
    2. Intense boots
    3. Flats 
    1. Tie
    2. Hoodie
    3. Hoop earrings 
    1. Head band 
    2. None
    3. Wrist watch
    1. Studs 
    2. Lipstick 
    3. Statement necklace 

Which Pretty Little Liar Are You?

You got: Hanna Marin

You’re what people call a “girly-girl” but really, you just have a deep appreciation for the color pink and three-inch pumps. Your sassy attitude and bluntness is surprisingly hilarious, and people tend to gravitate towards you. Stay fabulous.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment which liar you are and if you are excited to watch Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and please follow.

Sarah X

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