Love Island


Hi chappes,

i wanted to talk about a TV show I have been loving recently which is Love Island. 

Basically this show is a reality dating show which is presented by Caroline Flack. Single men and women enter the house and have to pair up with someone from opposite sex and hope to find love. If there is an odd number 1 has to leave the island. I do have to admit some people in the house annoy me. But some of the couples are really sweet like Cara and Nathan.

The show is on everyday at 9pm but on Saturday its at 10pm and its more of a recap of the week. They are on the second series and I didn't watch the last series but i love this series. 

A couple of days ago you may have heard of this show as it as all over twitter. As Miss Gb had sex on television (so in that aspect probably not best for children) and she got stripped over her title. To be honest i think was completely wrong as its not that morally wrong and she is still a role model to people. 

I would recommend it to anyone probably 16 and over.

Please comment if you watch the show and if so your favourite couple and follow.

Sarah X

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  1. I love that yo did this post! I absolutely love Love Island - Nathen and Cara to win!

    samantha xx

  2. Thank you Sammy - I totally agree that Nathan and Cara should win :)
    Sarah x