Bucket List Part 2

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Hi chappes,

Here's the promised part 2 of my Bucket list.

11. Go to DisneyLand Florida- I would love to go to Disneyland. I have previously gone to Disneyland Paris. But i would love to go to Florida one.

12. See Little Mix in Concert- They are my favourite band.
13. Meet Niomi Smart, Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr- These 3 ladies have life goals. I would love to meet them and i am big fans of there Youtube channel.

14. Attend a National Award Event- i would love to attend the Brits or the NTA. To see lots of acts live and seat surrounded by famous people.
15. Own a house- I would love to own a house, decorate it and have it exactly how i wanted it.

16. Own a Fiat 500- this car is really cute. To me it seems the perfect first car and i can't wait to drive.

17. Live aboard- for sometime in my life i would love to live in another country. Experience another culture and being surrounded by different people.

18. Attend a festival- lots of my friends have attended festivals and i would love to go to one to.

19. Own a designer handbag- they are so Pretty! My dream bag collection is here.

20. Get more than a 1000 followers on this blog. It may sound cheesy but...

Hope you like this post.
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Sarah X

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