Thirteen TV Programme Review

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Hi chappes,

I known I've done a TV show review recently, but i wanted to write one on the 5 episode TV series 'Thirteen'. 
I came across this programme when watching Zoella's March favourites , i watched all the episodes at once. It's so good, i didn't get to sleep till around 1:40 am. But the series is UH-MAZ-ING!!!

'Five-part BBC psychological drama starring Jodie Comer. The series follows Ivy Moxam (Comer) a 26-year-old woman who was abducted when she was 13 and held captive for the next 13 years. The story begins as she escapes the cellar she was being held in and goes to the police station to report her ordeal to D.S. Lisa Merchant (Valene Kane) and D.I. Elliott Carne (Richard Rankin). But as she narrates and relives her experiences with the police, cracks begin to appear in Ivy's version of events leading the officers and her family to question her story. Will she ever reveal the truth about what she experienced in her captor's house?' This is the description from Amazon and i couldn't write a better one.

The actors and actresses are so good- especially the actress who plays Ivy.
I would highly recommend this programme, its on demand on iPlayer.

Hope you like this post.
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Sarah X

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  1. Love your blog! I've never heard of the program before, but defenitely going to check it out soon. :) Isabella x

    1. Thank you Isabel, it means a lot. I would highly recommend this programme. X