My Top 10 Favourite TV Shows!

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Hi chappes,

Today i wanted to share my 10 favourite Tv shows, i have done individual blog post on tv shows. But i wanted to do a overview of all of them.

1.Hollyoaks - Best SOAP EVER. Based in a village up in North of England. And everything possible seems to happen

2.Thirteen - Such a good show. I saw it on Zoella March Favourites. And i love it- watch them all back to back.

3.Pretty Little Liars- Great show following the story of 4 girls: Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hana and A.

4. Our Girl- Is about a girl in Afghanistan in the army and what happens.

5.Glee- Musical Tv show- UH-MAZ-ING

6. How I Met Your Mother- Great comedy show following a group of 5 friends - Ted, Robyn, Barney, Lily and Marshall.

7.The Great British Bake Off- Baking completion show. Great mid week summer TV

8.Made in Chelsea- Reality TV show in Chelsea. Its so good. On every Monday on e4 at the moment.

9. Geordie Shore- Similar to Made in Chelsea but a Geordie version. And they are all in one house and its much more dramatic than MIC

10. Youtube- if that counts. I love watching youtube videos especially makeup and beauty. 

Please comment you favourite TV show and follow

Sarah x

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