Hi chappes,

I wanted to talk about my favourite city on earth, London. 

London has everything from excellent shops in Oxford and Bond Street to watching musicals at the West End. 
The landmarks are UH-MAZ-ING, there were plenty of them from Big Ben to London Eye. 
I have a slight obsession with London and the Union Jack, any of my friends and family would tell you that. 
My Dream is to live in London, i go to London quite a lot i used to go more when my Aunt had a house there. But now it less occasionally more once a year. I hope i will visit more next year as my sister is hopefully going to go to a University in London.
The only thing I hate about in London is the tubes, i much prefer the taxis and red double decker buses.

If anyone comes to England i would highly recommend you go to London, but it on your travel musts.

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Sarah x 

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