Cinderella 2015 review


Hi chappes,

 Happy Thursday! I wanted write a film/Tv review for a bit so i wanted to write about one of my favourite film Cinderella. The film which starred Lily James, Richard Madden and Cate Blanchett.

This is like my guilty pleasure film, i watch it whenever i feel bad or upset. I love this film, the songs are great and i just love the story line.
I previously mentioned that Lily James is one of my favourite actresses in my favourite actress and actor post.

If you didn't know this film is a the same as the traditional story but a bit more modern. But it does follow the story. 

It would high recommend this to anyone who loves Disney or anything like that.

The blue dresses is really pretty, but her waist looks so small. So you do fit a bit self conscious but i still love the film.

Hope you lie this film.

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Sarah X

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