5 Concerts I Would Love To Go To

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Hi chappes,

In a vlog PointlessBlog recently did when he went to go and see Adele. Zoe said to leave in the comments 5 top concerts you would like to see- i thought i would write a blog post :). I going to mention of all time meaning i may have gone to it.

1. Adele - I went to Adele concert last Wednesday. It was my first ever concert and it was UH-MAZ-ING!!! (if you read all my post, i may have mentioned Adele a lot, sorry, but with the concert I'm just so excited and i love Adele)

2. Little Mix - Little mix is my favourite band and i would love to see them in concert. I saw them a few years at Big Gig which is for guiding but i was like one song. So i would love to see them again, i really want to see their Get Weird tour but its too close to my exams.

3. Glastonbury - I would love to go to this massive festival, with a variety of acts and the atmosphere seems amazing. There are some great names and lots of celebrities go.  

4. Taylor Swift - i really like Taylor Swift music and i love her album 1989. I would like to see her on her next tour.

5. One Direction- even though they are one a break i still love their music. Some you tubers and some of my friends have been to previous concerts and they raved about it.

Hope you like this post.

Please follow and comment which concert or festivals you would like to see.

Sarah X

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