Revision tips 2016


Hi chappes,

I wanted to share my top 10 revision tips as it's coming up to the exam period. Exam period can be stress and hard to know whats the best revision things for you.

1. Revision timetable
Nothing wrong with being organised. Timetables can ensure you have time to revise all the subjects and topics before the exam. 
You can split the timetable into different categories: School, Commitments and Sessions which can be represented by colours. 
These means you can do normal everyday things as well as revision. And at a glance you can see what you are suppose to be doing. I've done one and I've planned to do 3 hours a week of each subject.
You make your own or use

2. Drink Water
Stay hydrated- you can't work whilst dehydrated. Drink water not fizzy drinks as water is better for you and your body.

Take breaks in between sessions and do every 30 minutes or so.  As you can't learn whilst brain dead. Shorter periods of time with breaks in better than long period of time.

Just because its exam period it doesn't been you can't eat junk. If you eat health your 'brain is healthy'. Fish and vegetables are healthy and good for the brain. 
Exercise can also wake you up so you can revise for longer.

5.Past Papers
You wouldn't be able to know how to answer the questions if you don't practice them. Past papers can also highlight areas that you don't know as well.

6. Mindmaps 
Its a way to have all the facts on one sheet of page. It's a way to organise notes. It's good for visual learners

7. Notes
You can summarise the text, so you have the notes you need. You can use 4 subject notebook or any notebook form the local book shop or supermarket. This means all the notes are in one place.

8. Switch off
Whilst revising don't look at your phone, or any electronics. They are distractions- i know its hard. But the pain is worth it in the end. If you listen or watch things whilst revising it can make you learn the work as well

9. Revision sessions
If you school are providing help, use it. Teachers are great help and they can teach you on how to answer questions.

Cramming the work in the night before wouldn't make you learn 2 or 3 years worth of work.

Please comment if this helps and follow.

Sarah x

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