March 2016 OTD

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Hi chappes,

 I wanted to do a OTD, but i don't have the confidence yet to take photos of what the clothes look like on.

Hollister All Weather Parka Jacket - BEST COAT EVER!!! Yes, its Hollister but i got it in the sale so it was only 50 pounds. The coat is great for warmth and is waterproof.

This is my favourite cosy jumper, its slightly too big, but flattening. This is a casual but glamorous jumper. The splits in the  sides accentuate the waist. This is also high necked, as you don't have the annoying bit of your top underneath  pocking out :)

This are really comfortable grey high waisted jeans from new look. These are a great alternative to the tradition black jean. They suit every coloured jumper and tops and is suitable for every type of shoe and bag.

This are chic brown ankle boot, that suits every outfit. They fit really well as they are wide fit, and i have wide and long feet. The buckle on them are a rally nice extra.

This outfit is great for the British winter and spring, as its warm, suitable and includes this seasons colours.

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah x

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