Made in Chelsea review

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Hi chappes,

I wanted to do a post on the English reality show 'Made in Chelsea' as it starts its new series soon on E4.
Made in Chelsea chronicles the lives of affluent young people in the West London areas of Belgravia, Kings Road, and Knightsbridge as well as their travels to other locations including Dubai, Finland, Marrakech, Verbier, Saint-Tropez, Venice, Courchevel, New York City, Barbados, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

I love this show, its funny and they all have great dress sense. My favourite members of the cast are Binky and Lucy. You see them go on adventures from dog yoga to travelling the world. Its like a vlog of about 20 people in 1 hour programme. You see the fights,the breakups and makeups. Hair appointments to dinner parties. You see into the Chelsea life. 

I would highly recommend this programmes, Made in Chelsea, watch it soon on 9pm on E4.

Please comment and follow.

Sarah x

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