How I Met Your Mother review

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Hi chappes,

As Tv and film posts seem to be quite popular i wanted to post another one. This one is about How I met you mother, and America comedy based on 5 friends. Its a flash back sort of storyline, it's about Ted talking to his children about how he met his mother. Ted and his friends: Robyn, Lily, Marshall and Barney.
The TV show has 9 seasons which about 20 episodes in each, they are so good. You go on a story with the characters, there are happy bits, add bits and bits that makes you laugh.

Just putting it out their probably not one for the under 12s, theres a bit of language.

They've also had guest stars like Katy Perry and Britney Spears. Unfortunately the series has already ended but the programme is on E4 literally everyday. And you can buy the box set on amazon.

Hope you like this post.

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