Pretty Little Liars

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Hi chappes,

On this blog I'm writing abbot one of the most popular television programmes in todays  society- PPL.

The story of 4 girls- Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria being followed by 'A' after their friend Alison died. Thought out the seasons you find out that at first Mona was A, then Alison is still alive. Alison mum died before seeing her and that she was hiding that Alison had a sister/ brother- Charlotte or Cece who will found out was the A after Mona is the mid season finale of season 6 of ppl.

The season has started again a few weeks ago, the 5 years flash forward. Relationships have changed, people had changed and a new plot and 'A' to solve.

But do prefer the old ppl before or after the  fast forward?
Who do you think is the new person taunting the girls?
Who killed Cece?

Please tell me i wasn't the only one who couldn't look whilst Spencer and Caleb was kissing and saying NO to myself. Caleb should be with Hanna and Spencer should be with Toby. 

Please leave your predictions in the comments below


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